Chris Christie hammers Trump ahead of arrest: 'Being indicted never helps anybody'
ABC/screen grab

Chris Christie, a former federal prosecutor, pushed back at the idea that former President Donald Trump could benefit from being arrested.

During a panel discussion on Sunday, Christie explained why Trump is telling his supporters to protest and that he expects to be arrested.

"The circus continues," Christie explained. "I mean, look, he only profits and does well in chaos and turmoil. And so he wants to create the chaos and turmoil on his terms. He doesn't want it on anybody else's terms."

"But look, at the end, being indicted never helps anybody. It's not a help," he continued.

But Christie predicted that most Americans would not see Trump's alleged hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels as a "huge crime."

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"I don't think there's many Americans who don't believe that Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels and that don't believe that he paid her money at the end of the campaign to keep it quiet," Christie opined. "So I don't think that the American people probably see this as a huge crime."

"But the vision of a former president of the United States being processed, fingerprinted, mug shot," he added. "You know, what else do you expect Trump to say, as I said to [George Stephanopoulos] last week, than to say it helps his campaign? But being indicted, I don't think it ever helps anybody."

Watch the video below from ABC or at the link.