Wyoming Christian 'therapy' camps for teens featured manual labor and punishments involving goats: lawsuit
A Mountain Goat (Shutterstock)

A Christian therapeutic program for troubled teens in Wyoming is facing a federal lawsuit over what former residents say was an abusive program that involved hard manual labor and a series of bizarre punishments for residents who refused orders.

NBC News reports that Trinity Teen Solutions and Triangle Cross Ranch, which are both run by the same family, are both being accused of exploiting troubled children who believe that they're going to the Wyoming ranches for rehabilitation for drugs or drinking problems, but are in reality used to do hard labor.

In the lawsuits, former residents allege that they were given a wide array of punishments for being disobedient, including being fed only a can of olives and beans for a meal and being tied to a goat for days on end.

What's more, at least one former resident says that ranch staffers branded his arm with the Christian symbol of the cross, which he says gave him a lasting scar.

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"Trinity is a bunch of fear-based activities and punishments that were supposed to teach you something, but all they taught you was how to be scared of everything," 23-year-old Carlie Sherman, who went to the ranch as a teenager, told NBC News.

19-year-old Taybre Conrad, a fellow former ranch resident, told NBC that "they were having us do the type of stuff that grown men do.”

The family that owns the ranches has denied the teens' allegations in court filings, but has acknowledged having them do "chores" that were part of their "therapy."

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