New pro-Trump clerk accused of voting machine tampering
A young woman votes at a (Photo: Shutterstock)

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that a second Colorado elections clerk accused of breaking into voting machines on behalf of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists has handed over hard drives of sensitive data he stole.

"Following a court order last Wednesday, Dallas Schroeder, clerk of Elbert County, Colorado, returned two hard drives containing his county’s election machine data. Schroeder previously testified that he copied the sensitive data last August, with help from a pair of Colorado conspiracy theorists linked to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Schroeder says he initially gave one copy of the data to his attorney John Case, and another to an unnamed lawyer," reported Kelly Weill. "That unnamed lawyer’s identity was revealed to a judge under seal last week. Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists claim to have reviewed Elbert County voting machine data, even citing it in court."

This comes after the indictment of another clerk, Tina Peters of Mesa County, who broke into machines in her own area while working with Lindell to try to prove the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. She was a high-profile speaker at Lindell's 2021 "cyber symposium" on election fraud.

"Two weeks after the symposium, Schroeder made copies of similar elections data in his own county," said the report. "Surveillance footage, reported by Reuters last month, shows Schroeder 'fiddling with cables and typing on his phone as he copied computer drives containing sensitive voting information.'"

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"Some of Schroeder’s communications that day were with Shawn Smith and Mark Cook, a pair of election truthers who have promoted their conspiracy theories on Lindell’s 'Lindell TV' webshow," the report continued. "Smith, who has previously stated that Colorado’s secretary of state 'deserve[s] to hang' if involved in election fraud, also leads Cause of America, a Lindell-backed election denialism group. Schroder testified that he copied the voting machine data using a 'Logic Cube Forensic Falcon Neo Device,' a $4,000 device that he borrowed from and subsequently returned to Cook."

Lindell has repeatedly insisted that his supposed evidence of fraud will result in the 2020 election being overruled and Trump being reinstated. Even many right-wing groups are turning on him, with Newsmax — themselves facing billion dollar litigation for defaming voting systems companies — not covering his recent election schemes.