Cyber Ninjas CEO says he won't turn over records from election 'audit' in 'contentious' deposition: report
Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan. (Screen cap)

On Friday, The Arizona Republic reported that Doug Logan, the CEO of the Florida-based security firm Cyber Ninjas, refused to turn over records from his company's GOP-backed partisan "audit" of ballots in Maricopa County during a deposition this week.

"Logan answered questions during a contentious deposition with attorneys for The Arizona Republic and American Oversight," reported Ryan Randazzo. "The news organization and the left-leaning nonprofit have battled in court for months for the release of texts, emails and other documents related to the ballot recount and related investigations of the 2020 election ordered by Republicans in the Arizona Senate."

Cyber Ninjas' election investigation, which was ordered by the GOP-controlled Arizona Senate and partially taxpayer funded, pursued a number of wild conspiracy theories, including searching for bamboo fibers in ballots to try to prove they were Asian forgeries, and demanded access to public equipment that police warned could compromise law enforcement. Even some Trump supporters, like local talk radio host Mike Broomhead, went on to pan the audit as a "clown show."

"Logan said Hannah's November order to the company to turn over records was the result of a 'biased judge,' according to [Arizona Republic attorney Craig] Hoffman," continued the report. "Logan went on 'long soliloquies' during the deposition on how he did not believe his company was obligated to turn over records because they should not be public, Hoffman said."

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This comes as Cyber Ninjas announces it is shutting down and laying off all its workers — citing, in large part, the $50,000 a day contempt of court fine for refusing to turn over the documents at issue in the dispute.

"Logan's lawyer has said he is the 'former' CEO of Cyber Ninjas, but a document his lawyers sent the Senate this week still describes him as president of the board of the company," said the report. "Logan testified that money coming in from the sale of Cyber Ninjas’ assets has been used to pay its subcontractors, not set aside for paying for a review of its audit-related documents. Cyber Ninjas’ emails and Microsoft Teams messages are backed up on a server, and Logan said he is committed to pay to maintain that server even as Cyber Ninjas winds down, Hoffman said."

Ultimately, the audit did not come up with evidence to support former President Donald Trump's claims the election was stolen — and actually purported to find more ballots for President Joe Biden that had not been counted.

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