Watch: GOP governor nominee caught on tape accepting gift from Proud Boys
Del. Dan Cox and Rep. Lauren Boebert / Dan Cox for Governor

The campaign of the Republican nominee for governor of Maryland posted video showing him accepting a gift from Proud Boys in the state.

"As Del. Dan Cox worked the crowd at his primary victory party this summer, a young man wearing a black polo shirt with a Proud Boys insignia offered a handshake and small gift to the newly minted GOP nominee for governor," The Washington Post reported. "Cox accepted the gift, inspecting the small, black comb, then asked the man’s name and shook his hand."

Cox said, "nice to meeting you" to the man who said the gift was "a present from Maryland Proud Boys to you."

Cox's campaign deleted a video after The Post asked for comment.

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In a statement, Cox blamed the noise, even though the man was wearing a Proud Boy's polo shirt with the group's insignia.

Cox claimed he "did not even keep the comb.”

“I had never seen him before, and I have not seen him since. I have no affiliation with anyone involved in violence on Jan. 6, period," Cox said.

Former Proud Boy leader Jeremy Bertino, 43, pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy earlier this month and agreed to cooperate in the seditious conspiracy trial against other Proud Boy leaders scheduled to begin on Dec. 12.

Watch below or at this link.