Conservatives can't contain their glee that Christmas parade attack suspect is Black and was out on bail

Right-wing commentators and politicians wasted no time celebrating that it was a Black man -- out on $1,000 cash bail -- who was charged with five counts of murder in the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy Sunday.

Darrell Brooks, 39, of Milwaukee, was immediately adopted as a straw man by the right in one of the more twisted examples of whataboutism in memory. It didn't hurt that with a long criminal history with 10 arrests spanning the past 22 years, Brooks fit the basest false stereotypes of Black men.

One of the first exploiters was commentator Candace Owens, who tweeted, "Leftists spent all last week telling us that the justice system works to 'protect white supremacy.' Now a Black guy, who was out after making bail, plows an SUV into a crowd, killing 5 and injuring 40 while fleeing a knife attack--they will say nothing."

Hours later, she added: "This is Darrell Brooks—a registered sex offender with a long criminal record. Just last week Darrell was arrested and released after running over his baby mother. Darrell was on the streets and able to kill 5 more people, plus injure 48 because Democrats sponsor black terrorism."

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Owens didn't specify which imaginary "leftists" had rushed to Brooks' defense or otherwise minimized the tragedy. Nor did she disprove the systemic racism that helped Kyle Rittenhouse escape punishment for the vigilante activities in Kenosha to which was referring.

Owens was hardly alone in attempting to contort Brooks into an example of all that's wrong with Democrats. Or to distort needed bail-reform efforts that combat a racist system that amounts to debtors' prison.

There was fellow culture warrior John Nolte, Breitbart editor-at-large, weighing in with "DEMOCRAT-RUN CITY RELEASE DARRELL BROOKS ON $1,000 BAIL DAYS BEFORE PARADE MASSACRE."

Former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer tossed out some whataboutism: "Darrell Brooks has been charged with 5 counts of intentional homicide for driving thru a Christmas parade -- he was put on $1000 bail after running over a woman -- where is the left/media concern about 'the system?'"

The official website of the Republican Attorneys General Association shamelessly exploited the tragedy by tweeting, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of yesterday's tragedy in Waukesha, WI. Unfortunately, Wisconsin's Democrat AG has been a vocal advocate for bail reform which would result in more criminals like Darrell Brooks being out on the street."

For those unfamiliar with RAGA's work, this official group of Republican Party politicians had sent robocalls urging followers to attend the MAGA protests January 6 in Washington D.C.