People are demanding 'proof' from Tucker Carlson and Fox News as he's accused of crying wolf about NSA spying
Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Aug. 3, 2014.

Tucker Carlson maintained that the NSA has read his emails, which even the NSA explained would require a warrant. To get a warrant, there would have to be evidence of a crime committed. So, it brings up a lot of questions about Carlson's allegations, and now folks are asking for the proof.

The Fox host said that he spoke to the NSA on the phone ahead of his show, and at no point did they deny that they had read his emails. Instead they maintained that he has never been an intelligence target by the NSA.

As the NSA explained, they typically deal with foreign activities. That would mean that Carlson would have had to be involved with someone who was a target of an intelligence investigation. That could be anyone affiliated with the Trump administration, including Rudy Giuliani, who was raided by the FBI and his electronic devices seized. Carlson's email exchanges with Giuliani could have been on the devices.

The Justice Department also investigated several reporters from the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN as part of a leak investigation. Even Trump's own White House counsel Don McGahn was monitored at one point. But Carlson isn't a reporter, as his own network's lawyers made clear in court, no one should take anything Carlson says seriously.

Thus, people flocked to Twitter demanding that Carlson produce the proof to back up his claims. Carlson's biggest problem is that he's made so many absurd and outlandish claims about President Joe Biden, about the coronavirus, about the vaccine to the coronavirus and a slew of other issues, that even if he was telling the truth, he might be ignored for crying wolf too many times.

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