Miami Herald slams Ron DeSantis for 'not caring one bit' as 'the pandemic raged'
Ron DeSantis (AFP)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) woke on Memorial Day morning to find that the Miami Herald editorial board slammed him for his irresponsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic before they bluntly accused him of "not caring one bit" about the health crisis he made worse.

Noting that the Republican governor -- who is eyeing a 2024 presidential run -- has new problems with one of his top critics receiving whistleblower status as she attempts to expose his administration's malfeasance during the past year, the board called him out for attempting to silence Rebekah Jones.

"The DeSantis administration has worked long and hard to discredit Rebekah Jones, fired last year from her job as a data analyst after she accused state health officials of pressuring her to manipulate certain coronavirus numbers. She has stood her ground for a year, and last week, the Florida's Office of the Inspector General firmed up the earth beneath her feet," they wrote before going after the GOP governor.

"Of course, the governor, who seemed to care not one bit about the health and well-being of most Floridians as the pandemic raged. They wrote before adding that Jones, "..has gone up against an administration that has shamelessly concealed vital COVID information during the past year. Unfortunately, the possibility of DOH manipulating information is not a stretch."

The editors went on to call the changing status for Jones a big "win" for Florida, writing, "An investigation continues, and with the cover of whistleblower status. Jones will need to vigorously back up her allegations and the state, its defense. For now, Jones' whistleblower victory stands to be a win over state secrecy for the rest of us."

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