Injuries reported after brawl breaks out between two families at Disney World
Disney characters get ready to welcome visitors to Disney World. - Walt Disney World/Walt Disney World/TNS

The heat index in the shade of Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida is 96 degrees with very little wind. Heads grew hot between two families that broke out into a brawl at the Magic Kingdom park.

Walt Disney World News Today posted an initial report with the video on Thursday showing one family dressed in regular clothing and another group in matching red and white Disney-themed clothes. A woman left the line at Mickey's PhilharMagic theater to get her cellphone she'd left on a motorized wheelchair. When she tried to get back in line with her family the other family flipped out.

The site detailed the flying fists which came after the red and white-dressed family waited outside the PhilharMagic doors for a confrontation.

“Listen man, we don’t want trouble, we don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister,” said one member of the family. It then escalated to shouts and then to punches.

"The family who reached out says the first person accosted was the guest who re-entered the line, with her brother engaging as a response," said WDWNT. "Shortly after, the brawl on camera broke out. The matching apparel family reportedly stole or broke much of what was on their person, including phones, designer clothes, and accessories. In the end, the guests were escorted to a Walt Disney World security office for a statement, with one member of the guests’ family taken away in an ambulance due to a large cut in his chin, with other members of the family receiving cuts and bruises."

The videos also show that two Disney characters tried to step in to protect other guests and were able to break it up. They were then taken to Disney World security for statements.

This is the second brawl to break out in the magical land in less than a year. The last filmed brawl broke out on the Boat to Magic Kingdom.

See the video below or at this link.