Don Trump Jr. accused by ex-FBI official of setting the stage for post-indictment chaos
Don Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

According to the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, Donald Trump's oldest son has been ramping up his anti-federal government rhetoric in an effort to cast doubt on indictments expected to be filed against his father in the near future.

With reports that Special Counsel Jack Smith is close to wrapping up his inquiry into the former president for taking sensitive government documents with him to his Mar-a-Lago resort and then forcing the FBI to show up with a warrant to reclaim them, Don Jr. has been accusing the FBI of fraud in a series of unrelated incidents.

As Frank Figliuzzi wrote for MSNBC, there is a method to Don Jr's conspiracy-mongering.

Pointing to Don Jr. attacking the arrest of a man with a Nazi flag who crashed a U-Haul into security barriers near the White House, saying the flag was planted by the feds, the former FBI official wrote, "That wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Trump Jr. accusing federal authorities of exaggerating the white supremacist threat."

Based on the increasing tenor of comments Don Jr. has been making on social media, Figliuzzi claimed the president's son is building a narrative for the MAGA crowd to amplify when the expected indictments come down.

"This new strategy involves claiming that any violent incident by someone who even appears to have such leanings is not just a false flag operation but maybe a false flag operation staged by the government," he wrote. "

"The deniers and deflectors are increasingly aware that 'the feds,' as they consistently call them, are not only investigating their leader but may be close to indicting him. They fear what’s coming," he wrote before predicting, "If and when charges come, folks such as Donald Trump Jr. will need to be able to refute any charges by repeating the mantra that the feds make stuff up, including, even criminal cases. They’ll likely tell their followers that the folks who investigated Trump are the same people who staged violent incidents to make it look like MAGA followers were responsible."

"Denial, deflection and delusion. That’s not just a Trump Jr. thing. It's also the strategic opiate of the chronically unaware. Sad to see how often it works," he cautioned.

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