Trump hellbent on announcing 2024 campaign because waiting 'shows weakness': sources
Donald Trump appears during a rally Oct. 10, 2016, at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. (Matt Smith Photographer /

Former President Donald Trump is determined to launch his 2024 presidential campaign next week from Mar-a-Lago, despite a worse-than-expected Republican showing on Election Day and a looming runoff election in Georgia that could determine the Senate majority.

The former president intends to announce his third White House bid Tuesday at 9 p.m., even as a number of Republicans have said publicly and privately that the party should move on from him, but sources told The Daily Beast he's ready to "rock and roll."

“It’s hard to hold off at this point because it shows weakness," one adviser told the website. "But there’s also a chance he could come up with some reason."

Trump allies Kayleigh McEnany and Jason Miller have gone on conservative media and cautioned him from announcing before the Georgia runoff, but sources said he's increasingly angry at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for not being "grateful" enough, and many believe that a White House campaign might prevent the Department of Justice from indicting him.

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“I would expect Trump to come out swinging Tuesday,” one adviser said. “People forget that he eviscerated 16 Republicans in 2016 and has kept the entire party in check through fear since then.”

“I'm sure there will be challengers,” that adviser continued. “But they better show up ready for war, because nothing is off the table.”