Appearing on CNN's "New Day" on Monday morning, NYU School of Law professor Ryan Goodman laughed at the prospect of Donald Trump's lawyers going into court and defending their client of election tampering charges by claiming he believed he won.

Speaking with hosts Brianna Keilar and John Berman, Goodman -- who co-authored a piece in the Washington Post on the same subject -- explained that the former president's lawyers would get laughed out of court if they attempted that defense.

"There's a crime in which it would matter, but there are other core crimes that it doesn't," the legal expert explained. "So let's just take, for example, the 800 people, over 800 people who have been charged with the insurrection or engaging in the riot. It doesn't matter that they think Trump won and I would assume a great majority of them do. It's about their other forms of intent. For example, if Trump engaged in intimidation or threatened officials in order to try to overturn the election, that's what they need to prove this they don't need to prove whether or not he thought he won."

"So, for example, if they say, well, you threatened the Georgia secretary of state, defense counsel can't stand up in court and say, 'yes, that's because he thought he won!'" he laughed. "That's the crime; that's part of the problem for him."

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"Another one is fraudulent documents," he continued. "You can't, you know, submit fake documents from these alternative slate of electors to the National Archives to gum the works. You can't say 'I thought I won, so that's why I submitted the fake documents.' It's the core crimes, it's not tangential or superficial, this is what the committee is presenting to us."

Watch the video below or at this link.

Legal expert blows up Trump’s defense that he believe’ the election was stolen