Former members of Trump's inner circle warned they have become 'Trump’s targets' after Cassidy Hutchison testimony
Donald Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan for SAFP)

In her column for the Bulwark, former Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) advisor and political commenter Amanda Carpenter commended Cassidy Hutchinson -- the former senior aide to ex-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows -- for her compelling testimony on Tuesday before the House select committee investigating Donald Trump's complicity in the Jan 6th riots.

As the conservative political analyst explained, Hutchinson's revelations about the former president's temper tantrums behind the scenes, as well as his lack of concern about his armed supporters, exposed the former president's propensity for violence or, as she put it, "Trump’s capacity for violence and willingness to break the law on display."

Noting that Hutchinson's testimony has put her life in danger -- which was evidenced by increased security in the building before she spoke on national TV -- Carpenter suggested that the names of Trump's inner circle mentioned by the former Meadow's aide when discussing their opposition as to what Trump was allowing to happen on Jan 6th has likely put them on the former president's enemies list.

After praising Hutchinson's courage, the conservative scolded both former vice president Mike Pence and Mark Meadows for not coming forward.

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"Where is her former boss, Mark Meadows? Is he still praying for a pardon?" she wrote. "Where is Mike Pence? He’s happy to tell everyone about how well he performed his patriotic duty on Jan. 6th. Except for the actual Jan. 6th Committee. Instead, he sent his loyal underling Marc Short to testify in his place," she wrote

Having disposed of them, she turned her focus on former Trump cabinet members that Hutchinson noted discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to strip the now-former president of his powers while the Capitol riot raged.

As she notes, it is only a matter of time before Trump goes after them as he has on Hutchinson.

"What about the other cabinet members—the ones who privately talked about invoking the Twenty-fifth Amendment to remove Trump because they knew how unhinged the president was? Shouldn’t they put their experiences on the record? Why do they think protecting their own parochial interests and precious Republican identities is more important than protecting people like Hutchinson and more broadly, the country?" she wrote before adding, "Even out of their own self-interest, don’t they realize that they are no longer Trump’s chief enablers and that they have become Trump’s targets? The mob didn’t chant 'F*ck Joe Biden' on Jan. 6th. They chanted 'Hang Mike Pence.'"

She concluded, "Donald Trump rose to power by waging war against Republicans ... Right now Cassidy Hutchinson is the target. But simply by offering her testimony, she has exposed Meadows and all the rest as being potential dangers. Trump surely sees this, too."

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