Trump is creating a 'crisis' for the Republican Party: analyst
Donald Trump (Photo by MandelkNgan for AFP)

Reacting to reports that Donald Trump is thinking of moving up his announcement that he will be running for president in 2024, political analyst and pollster Fernand Amandi said the threat of the former president jumping into the race at such an early time is creating problems for the Republican Party.

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show," Amandi explained that Trump has three main reasons for wanting to make the jump sooner than later -- two of which are designed to ensure his political survival.

"What would be the fallout for announcing so early before the November midterms?" host Phang asked.

"Katie, it would be classic Donald Trump to deal with an impending crisis, which right now is dealing with the Jan 6th hearings by creating another crisis -- this time though within the Republican Party by announcing," he began.

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"The Trumpian logic would be as follows, " he continued. "One, it would help him in his mindset avoid some of the legal complications that have clearly now been put on the table. The Justice Department is now in a situation, based on, especially, on Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony this past week where they are going to have to act and that will probably end up in an indictment against Trump for seditious conspiracy."

"Having said that, Trump's logic is, if I am a political candidate it might delay or pushback or allow at least Trump to say this is a legal witch hunt as opposed to anything based on reality," he elaborated.

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