'I am a victim!' Trump rages after Jim Jordan's FBI 'whistleblower' hearing crashes and burns

Following the embarrassing spectacle of Republican House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan's FBI "whistleblower" hearing on Thursday, former President Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform in fury about how things went.

"Very sad watching what took place today in Congress regarding Whistleblowers and the FBI," wrote Trump. "There has never been a time like this in our Country, the complete weaponization of Justice. I am a victim also, but the real victim is the United States of America. Congress must use its purse strings to straighten it out, before it is too late! MAGA 2024."

Trump accompanied this with another post that simply read, "WE ARE NOW LEADING BIG OVER BIDEN WITH INDEPENDENTS!!!"

The GOP's hearings, featuring FBI agents Marcus Allen and Stephen Friend, were meant to highlight evidence that the bureau politically retaliated against conservatives and Trump supporters.

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But even before the hearing took place, CNN released a report showing that Allen and Friend lost their security clearances not due to retaliation for being conservative, but for a wide variety of security concerns including failing to relay information through the proper channels, copying sensitive information onto flash drives, and pushing conspiracy theories about the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

During the hearing, Democrats laid into both agents for this alleged misconduct, and criticized Jordan for taking a trove of supposed evidence from the "whistleblowers" but not sharing it with Democrats on the Committee ahead of time, which is purportedly in violation of the Committee's own rules.

All of this comes after Trump administration-appointed special counsel John Durham released a report concluding the FBI's investigation of Trump's ties to Russia in 2016 was handled improperly— although legal experts have panned Durham's conclusions.