Time for the DOJ to 'stop playing Trump's reindeer games' and indict him: former federal prosecutor
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Reacting to a report in the New York Times that Donald Trump plotted with aides to use the sensitive documents he illegally took with him to Mar-a-Lago after losing his 2020 re-election bid as bargaining chips to gain access to documents related to an investigation into his ties to Russia, former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said enough is enough and the DOJ needs to indict him.

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show," Kirshner claimed the DOJ has been overly tolerant of the former president's delaying tactics as they investigate him and that they have enough on him already to prosecute.

"You know, Trump is all about the quid pro quo, isn't he? This for that," he told the host. "And it proves a couple of things if this reporting is accurate, and we have no reason to believe it's not, but, first of all, he knew he had the documents. He knew the documents were of some value, frankly, he knew that he had no right to possess the documents because he was negotiating for their return to the federal government."

"I don't know why the government negotiated with somebody that I have called a classified documents terrorist for so long rather than taking the kind of law enforcement activity that the Department of Justice would have taken if you or if I were in possession of stolen national security information," he added.

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"Donald Trump is now exposing himself as somebody who is willing to take property that he stole and leverage it to his own benefit for other information that he wants, that he has no right to, from the federal government," he elaborated. "I analogize it to a situation where your neighbor stole your TV, and then said if you want it back give me $500. Well in concrete terms, that's what Donald Trump was doing with these stolen documents."

"I do wish that the Department of Justice would stop playing Donald Trump's reindeer games, stop playing on Donald Trump's playing field because civil litigation is Donald Trump's playing field and it's where he can best weaponize the delay that is inherent in the civil litigation process and you know how the DOJ can put an end to all of that? Indict him in federal district court in Washington D.C." he insisted.

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