Georgia grand jury handed DA Fani Willis 'leverage' as she pursues Trump
Fani Willis and Donald Trump / official portraits.

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner made the observation that assertions of perjury contained in a Georgia special grand jury final report on Donald Trump's attempt to tamper with the 2020 election results handed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis an unexpected weapon as she seeks criminal indictments.

Speaking with host Yasmin Vossoughian, the attorney claimed Willis will likely be able to pin down which supporters of the former president lied during their testimony and can use a threat of criminal indictment to get them to come clean.

As Kirschner explained, "As you mentioned, the grand jury said one or more people we believe lied to us. That is important because it gives Fani Willis leverage. She can step to those witnesses and potentially indict them for perjury, for obstruction of justice, lying to the grand jury and accessory after the fact because those lies may have had the effect of helping Donald Trump get away with his crimes."

"That is the very definition of accessory after the fact," he emphasized.

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"Probably the most important reveal," he continued, "and the one that is most ominous for Donald Trump is as one sentence in the grand jury report when they say, 'we set forth for the court recommendations on indictments and relevant statues inferentially relevant statues violated.'"

"And then that there is page after page after page of redactions," he added. "What does that tell us? Well, those pages probably contain the names and the statutes violated of all of the people the grand jury found enough evidence to indict."

"So, it feels like this really is a pretty significant step in the direction of indictments," he stated.

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