'He’s losing control every day': Trump 'livid' as allies abandon him due to Jan 6th hearings
Donald Trump (Photo via Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

According to a report from the Guardian's David Smith, Donald Trump is reportedly obsessed with the televised Jan 6th hearings investigating his part in the insurrection that sent lawmakers fleeing for their lives, and he is growing angrier each day that his political future is sustaining irreparable damage.

As Smith notes, the former president is holed up at his Bedminster golf resort for the summer and has reportedly been watching the hearings unfold with no one coming to his defense since House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled all the GOP lawmakers he recommended for the panel in a fit of pique.

According to the Guardian report, "As the panel has presented a carefully crafted case against Trump as the leader of a failed coup, he is said to be livid that there is no one in the room to speak up for him," adding, "He is possibly aware that, while the hearings come too late to force his resignation and may or may not cause the justice department to press criminal charges, they seem to be inflicting greater political damage than anyone imagined."

That appears to be borne out by both close advisers to the former president and former supporters who now see him as "damaged goods" with rapidly declining chances of re-election in 2024.

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With Smith writing, "The hearings have painted a portrait of a man detached from reality, peddling paranoid conspiracy theories and putting himself before his country," he notes that a Trump insider told NBC News, "I look at this and say there is nobody in America who is watching this – even with all that’s going on in the world with Joe Biden – and saying, ‘Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States’. Nobody.’”

Longtime conservative pollster Frank Luntz concurred.

“I see people no longer drinking the Kool-Aid. I see people moving away from Trump for the first time," Luntz explained. "His endorsement matters more than anybody else in the Republican party by far, but he does not control the Republican party any more. He’s the loudest voice, he has the most influence, but he’s losing control every day.”

The report goes on to note that at last week's Faith & Freedom conference, activists are already admitting that they are looking beyond Trump in 2024 with Florida Gov. Ron De Santis the favorite to take his place as the face of the party.

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