'He knows he lost': Trump flattened by Georgia's Raffensperger before rally
Brad Raffensperger speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

With former president Donald Trump headed to Perry, Georgia for yet another post-presidential rally on Saturday night, Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger drew a line in the sand on Friday by saying any claims of election fraud, sure to be made at the rally, are entirely bogus and that Trump knows it.

The day after the results of the Maricopa County, Arizona audit were released showing that Trump did not win the state, the ex-president is taking his act on the road, ostensibly to promote the U.S. Senate run of Herschel Walker, but will likely end up turning into more attacks on election results in multiple states including Georgia.

With that in mind, the embattled Raffensperger -- who has been targeted by Trump -- got in the first shot by stating without any doubt that Trump lost in his state.

And then he got in a few more comments about the ex-president, according to the Guardian.

"He's going to come, and he's going to say what he's going to say, but he knows in his heart that he lost," Raffensperger stated before adding, "He's continued to promote the big lie, and then he's also fundraising off this issue, just like Stacey Abrams has."

As for Georgia's election results, he added, "Every time we've looked into all of these concerns, it's clear that Donald Trump lost the election fair and square. What bothers me, and it really should bother everyone, after 10 months since the last ballots were counted, we're still dealing with this misinformation and disinformation surrounding the elections."

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