Georgia election investigation 'will send Donald Trump to jail': former Watergate prosecutor
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

According to former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman, he has no doubt that there is an ironclad case brewing in Georgia that will lead to an indictment and conviction of Donald Trump.

Speaking with MSNBC host Katie Phang, Akerman said the evidence is overwhelming that the former president tried to steal the election in the Peachtree state as evidenced by the phone call made to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanding he find enough votes to secure the state's 16 Electoral College votes.

'You mentioned that you guys had tapes in the Nixon Watergate situation," host Phang pointed out. "We have a tape, though. We have that tape of Donald Trump pressuring Brad Raffensperger. In your opinion, you don't think that is going to be enough?"

"Oh I think that is enough," Akerman replied. "If you are asking which of the cases right now, which one is going to send Donald Trump to prison, that is the case. There is a really neat three-year felony in Georgia, that Donald Trump has violated. Prosecutors love tape-recorded evidence because you cannot cross-examine it."

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"What is significant though, with those cases, is that when you put in the context of all of the evidence that's the January six committee has uncovered. When you put that together, Donald Trump has zero defense in Georgia," he added. "If I had to put my money on one prosecution that is going to go forward here, that one will send Donald Trump to jail, it is Georgia -- no question about it."

"The only defense that he has got here is trying to somehow pick up on some ambiguity in the tape, that he did not really mean what he said," he elaborated. "But once you look at what he said, trying to get Brad Raffensperger to come up with extra votes to make him a winner in Georgia, and put in the context about the January 6th committee has found, I think they have gotten a case beyond a reasonable doubt."

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