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Donald Trump's lawyers sent a letter requesting a meeting with attorney general Merrick Garland, which MSNBC's Jonathan Lemire said was a signal that charges were imminent.

The former president posted a copy of the letter on his Truth Social website complaining special counsel Jack Smith's probe was unfair and unprecedented, but Lemire told "Morning Joe" their demand for the investigation's end was basically standard procedure in a criminal case.

"That's where this investigation is going to be about," Lemire said, referring to possible obstruction of justice. "[President Joe] Biden and [former vice president Mike] Pence also were found to have documents, the difference being they gave them right back and the Trump camp most certainly did not. Here's a question about whether or not they're worried about this, Trump posted to Truth Social last night a letter that his lawyers sent to Merrick Garland requesting a meeting about this, about [the] special counsel's investigation."

"The letter itself is full of bluster and whataboutisms, but here's the key: This is, in some ways, standard procedure," Lemire added. "It's sort of the last step before charges, when the lawyers for the defendant go talk to prosecutor and ask them not to pursue charges or to pursue milder charges. This is usually a clue that a charging decision is imminent. So the Trump team clearly expects they're going to hear sooner than later whether Trump is going to be charged, and the fact that they're asking for this meeting suggests that they think that he will."

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