Trump will end up 'in a orange jumpsuit' after 'legal showdown': biographer

During an appearance on The Daily Beast's "New Normal" with hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Donald Trump biographer Tim O'Brien predicted, "that jail time is a real possibility for the Trumps" following multiple court decisions this week forcing them to honor subpoenas and testify in both Manhattan and Washington D.C. courts.

The day after a date was set for Trump, Ivanka Trump, Don Jr. and Eric were ordered to appear in September in a D.C. courtroom and were headed for a similar fate in Manhattan in three weeks after an appeal was slapped aside., O'Brien said Trump's long history of financial shenanigans looks to have caught up with him.

Addressing the letter from Trump's accounting firm Mazars, O'Brien said he is positive they are "cooperating" with investigators adding that their dropping the Trump Organization "was one of the "gigantic red flags that could be waved in front of your face.”

According to the biographer, "Donald Trump has never been under the microscope with well-resourced, aggressive law enforcement officials like he is right now in the state of New York. They have ample fodder involving financial fraud that not only touches Donald but also touches Ivanka Trump, Don Jr and Eric they were all senior figures in the Trump Organization, senior executives."

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"I think he got the real possibility of one of his business entities unraveling and he ends up in an orange jumpsuit," he elaborated.

“The prosecutors believe they have extremely compelling evidence against the former president. They’re not gonna bring a case against a former president unless they feel they’re on solid ground. So this is gonna become quite a legal showdown," he concluded.

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