'He's going to roll over every time!' Don Trump Jr. lashes out at 'weak' Lindsey Graham in Newsmax interview
Donald Trump Jr. (Screen shot/Newsmax)

Donald Trump Jr. suggested Thursday night that most Jan. 6 insurrectionists didn't know they were inside the Capitol — and shamed Sen. Lindsey Graham for saying they shouldn't receive pardons.

"We're not condoning violence or anything like that, but the vast, vast, vast majority of the people in there, I believe, didn't even know they were in there," Trump Jr. told Newsmax TV. "They're standing inside the velvet ropes taking selfies. If only these people — whether it's Lindsey (Graham), whether it's Mitch (McConnell) — were one-tenth as aggressive on the looters, rioters murderers from BLM and the other Antifa riots ... as they are against your grandmother who may have been within 1,000 miles of Washington, D.C., maybe we'd actually see some progress. But since we don't have those people, or at least not many of them, we will continue to get steamrolled by the radical left."

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Trump Jr. made the comments during a discussion about Graham (R-SC), who drew the ire of his father earlier this week.

On Tuesday, former president Donald Trump called Graham a "RINO"— or "Republican In Name Only" — and said he "doesn't know what the hell he's talking about."

The former president was responding to Graham's statement that Trump's offer of pardons for Capitol insurrectionists was "inappropriate."

On Thursday, Trump Jr. was asked on Newsmax about Graham's stated support for president Joe Biden's potential Supreme Court nominee, Judge Michelle Childs.

"I think my father hit it right," Trump Jr. said. "I like Lindsey, I think he's a funny guy, he's got a good personality, but in the Senate, he's a RINO. I like him personally, but in terms of government, he's going to roll over every time, and that's unfortunate because we'll be right on the issues, and so many Republicans — the weak, establishment Republicans – will roll over each and every time. I think we need to elect people that won't do that. Unfortunately, the Senate is filled with a lot of Republicans that way."

Watch below.

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