'Most worried Trumpworld has ever been' -- and they're waiting for 'another shoe to drop': MSNBC's Lemire
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The Jan. 6 Committee has received thousands of new pieces of evidence from the U.S. Secret Service, and MSNBC's Jonathan Lemire said the latest developments in that investigation have struck fear into Trumpworld.

Committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said Wednesday that investigators had received text messages, radio traffic and other "significant" evidence from the agency, and panel member Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) agreed lawmakers had received a "large volume of information" the Secret Service fought against releasing.

"Yeah, for most of Trump's time in office and even in his first months out of office, those around him felt like he was almost bulletproof, that he could get by any scandal here," Lemire told "Morning Joe." "Whether it was the Mueller probe or some congressional investigations, even impeachment, that he emerged largely politically unscathed."

"That has changed, and in this story," said Lemire, the White House bureau chief for Politico. "We talked to a number of people in the former president's orbit who have been downright spooked by recent developments in Atlanta, D.C., the Jan. 6 Committee and, in the last few days, dozens of Trump aides have received subpoenas. Some had their phones seized, including Mr. Pillow, and there's a sense here, there's paranoia in Trumpworld as to who might be cooperating, text chains have gone silent. There are worries about who might be talking to investigators, and they worry that aides tell us they could be next."

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The Department of Justice has not given any indication of whether Trump will be charged criminally, or when that might potentially happen, but Lemire said that uncertainty has sent a chill through the former president's orbit.

"DOJ is working quietly, but even the sight of the former president arriving in Washington the other day sparked fears in his orbit that perhaps he was being called in by the Department of Justice," Lemire said. "Turns out he was visiting his golf course in suburban Virginia. The sense from Trumpworld, each and every day, there's a bad headline, another shoe is set to drop, and they do worry that there's more below the surface they're not seeing it. This is the most worried the Trumpworld has ever been, I would say, of the possibility of legal peril for the former president."

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