Trump's 'legal hell' methodically tallied by MSNBC's Mika

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig struggled to keep track of all the various criminal investigations and lawsuits Donald Trump is facing, and eventually concluded he was in "legal hell."

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office empaneled a grand jury to investigate the hush-money payment scheme involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels, which adds another case to the growing pile of legal troubles involving the former president.

"How many legal actions against Trump are in play right now?" Brzezinski said, pulling out a pen and notepad. "There is the rape allegation, right? What have we got here? We have Georgia. That one is serious, that one could really go somewhere. We've got Jan. 6. Is it one or two investigations surrounding Jan. 6 and the big lie?"

Honig counted those as two separate cases, and he said the Georgia case was related but separate.

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"Okay, four," Brzezinski said. "Then the Mar-a-Lago documents, that's five. Anything else? What am I missing?"

The Manhattan case made six, and Honig reminded the "Morning Joe" co-host of the $25 million fraud lawsuit New York attorney general Letitia James had filed against the Trump Organization, which was recently convicted of tax fraud, and then a technical problem in the studio briefly interrupted the tally.

"I'm still here counting," Brzezinski said, brandishing a notepad after the issue was resolved. "I've got Mar-a-Lago, Manhattan D.A., Stormy, rape, Georgia, Jan. 6 -- two angles there. Oh, by the way, just sort of on that one, it seems really serious, the insurrection, like the attack on our Capitol, because many have gone to jail for many years for what they did following Donald Trump's orders, for some, seditious conspiracy has actually stood as a charge, which is historic in itself."

"Taxes -- okay, I'm still counting on the legal battles that he's facing," she added. "Now we're going to add to the fact that he is suing a lot of people, too. This is something to consider when you're thinking about making this guy your nominee. He is in legal hell, drowning in legal battles. He is suing Bob Woodward. Add that to the list of people he is suing. That's a lot of law stuff happening there, Donald, just something to think about."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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