‘Nobody wants him to campaign for them’: MSNBC’s Morning Joe says Trump stinks like a loser
President Donald Trump (image via Nicholas Kamm/AFP).

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Donald Trump already had the stink of a loser on him after the 2020 election.

The twice-impeached one-term president continues to suggest he'll run for re-election to the job he lost by more than 7 million votes, but the "Morning Joe" host said other Republican candidates were trying to keep the taint of that staggering loss away from their own campaigns.

"You look at what happened in 2020 and you just look from 2016 to 2020, you project that forward and as one potential Republican candidate for president in 2024 told me last week, nobody wants him to campaign for them in any swing states," Scarborough said. "If you're running statewide in Pennsylvania, you don't want him there in a general election. Same with Michigan, same with Wisconsin, same with any swing states, and that tells you all you need to know what's happening with his popularity even last year since the election, and also since Jan. 6."

Panelist Katty Kay agreed, saying that Trump had a pathological fear of being branded a loser.

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"Donald Trump's father seems to sit there on his shoulder, in his head saying you are a loser, you are going to be a loser, being a loser is the worst possible thing," Kay said. "There's a story that came out in a biography about Trump in the last campaign, how Donald Trump goes to the hospital when his son Don Jr. is born, and Ivana Trump is saying to him, 'Let's call him Don Jr.,' and what's Trump's reaction? 'What happens if he's a loser?'"

"It is the worst possible thing that Donald Trump can ever call somebody else, it's the worst possible thing that he can think he is," she added. "He might like the rallies and he might like the power, and the idea that he's still the person that controls the Republican Party and he can be back in the White House, and I'm sure he would love the triumph of winning, but stack that up against the smallest possibility of losing, and I agree with you, the possibility of losing trumps the possibility of winning."

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