Trump 'disgusted' by Madison Cawthorn's latest antics: report
Donald Trump, Madison Cawthorn (Photos via Paul Richards for AFP, and Madison Cawthorn for Congress Facebook)

According to a report from Rolling Stone, Rep. Madison Cawthorn's endorsement from Donald Trump has been imperiled by the almost daily onslaught of revelations about his personal life.

Cawthorn, who is already on the outs with Republicans in North Carolina, still appears headed for victory in North Carolina's primary on May 17th, but the former president is keeping an eye on media reports about the freshman lawmaker whose star began fading when he talked about drug-fueled orgies among conservatives, only to be followed by embarrassing photos and videos that have his supporters scratching their heads and wondering what will come out next.

As Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley of Rolling Stone wrote, a member of the former president's inner circle flatly stated that Trump is "weirded out" by some of the pictures and stories he's seeing about Cawthorn.

According to the report, the media-obsessed Trump has grown "increasingly annoyed and disappointed with his MAGA apprentice," adding that Trump has called some of the reports about the lawmaker's antics -- particularly a leaked video of his sexual antics -- as "gross."

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While Cawthorn has defended his honor by saying the flood of revelations are being orchestrated by "the left," Trump is reportedly still appalled at what he has seen.

“Trump is not at the point of pulling his endorsement, but the [former] president says he wants to sit back and see what happens,” one source explained. “But he’s been disappointed with Madison, and thinks he has problems handling his [public relations]."

Another person close to the former president claimed he voiced "bewilderment and disgusted confusion about what he’d been told of the flood of leaks and footage, asking at one point in recent days if one of the allegations was that Cawthorn was 'f*cking his cousin?'"

With the report adding the caveat "That is not one of the allegations. Instead, Cawthorn’s cousin, who is also on his staff, appears in some of the videos where sex is discussed," the Rolling Stone report nonetheless adds, "The source who heard Trump’s lewd question about Cawthorn’s cousin noted that the ex-president made a point of saying that though Cawthorn needs to 'get his act together,' as the source paraphrased, he did have the 'good' opinions and did say what Trump wanted about the 2020 presidential election, for instance."

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Suebsaeng and Rawnsley add, "The recent lack of outward, vocal support from Trump has left Cawthorn — facing a seemingly unending series of scandals including, insider trading allegations, multiple firearms violations, and leaks of sexually charged videos — vulnerable to attacks from his many mainstream Republican enemies. And he’s facing defections even from among the MAGA faithful."

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