Trump-endorsed Ohio GOP candidate urged red states to secede after 2020 loss
J.R. Majewski and former President Donald Trump (campaign photo).

According to a report from CNN, a controversial Ohio Republican candidate who is challenging Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) for her House seat live-streamed a video to his followers after Donald Trump lost his re-election bid, and suggested every red state should secede in retaliation.

As CNN's Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck report, Trump-supporter J.R. Majewski took to Periscope and live-streamed his dismay with the election loss and said he saw no problem with conservative states just up and leaving.

Majewski is just one of a handful of Republican candidates who have secured a spot on the November ballot despite attending the Jan 6th "Stop the Steal" rally that preceded the insurrection at the Capitol building that sent lawmakers from both sides of the aisle fleeing for their lives.

The Ohio Republican who has appeared on Fox News wearing a QAnon shirt, and first came to notice after turning his yard into an enormous campaign sign for the former president, told his followers, "I was actually going to say. I didn't want to be a hype beast, but I've had it in my back pocket to say that every state that went red should secede from the United States."

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He continued, "I don't think it sounds out there. Why should we go to this -- the left, they're f*cking psychotic. I mean, it's not, it is not out there brother. I mean, in my opinion, they're beyond they're, they're -- it's irrational. Their way of life is just crazy. To me, secession is not out there. It's all about how you frame the dialogue though. You can't just, you know, obviously you're talking to me, different story, but the general population, you know, we have to break 'em in easy."

According to the report, in the live stream, the Air Force veteran appeared to be responding to a question about "literally splitting up and making our own country."

Asked for comment, CNN reports that Majewski did not respond.