Chaotic condition of stolen files at Mar-a-Lago will come back to haunt Trump at trial: former prosecutor
Donald Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

According to one former federal prosecutor, Donald Trump's habit of intermixing stolen top secret files with magazine covers and personal items at his Mar-a-Lago resort will be presented as damning evidence at his trial should the DOJ indict him.

Speaking with CNN's Boris Sanchez, ex-federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti stated that the condition in which the files were found will help prosecutors make their case against the former president.

"So you mentioned the folders with the classified markings being among the things that were recovered," host Sanchez prompted. "What did you make of the fact that there were all sorts of random stuff in there, too, The magazines? The gifts? That was unexpected."

"I think that's right," the attorney replied. "I think it goes to show, as I was mentioning a moment ago, Boris, it goes to show the way in which these documents were kept. It goes to show who was the possessor and owner of these documents."

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"The fact that they're mixed in, let's say with passports and mixed in with Time magazine covers, all will be shown in evidence at trial to show that the former president is the one who actually possessed these documents," he asserted. "It wasn't an aide off acting on their own without his authorization. It wasn't something where he had no idea what was in his office."

"He was personally handling these documents himself and he was the one who decided to keep them," he concluded.

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