Merrick Garland dropped a 'deliberate' hint in his speech about pursuing Trump: reporter

Appearing on MSNBC early Saturday morning, the Guardian's Hugo Lowell addressed the public remarks made by Attorney General Merrick Garland just before the anniversary of the Capitol riot and told host Ali Velshi that the nation's top law enforcement official reportedly dropped a "deliberate" hint regarding whether the DOJ is investigating Donald Trump.

According to Lowell, who broke the story that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows would be subpoenaed as well as being the first to report on a PowerPoint presentation that was passed around by White House officials outlining a way to steal the election, members of House 1/6 committee are in the dark about what is going on at DOJ concerning the former president.

Speaking with the MSNBC host, he stated, "The Justice Department, at least in the committee's eyes, is not investigating or they have no idea if they are investigating Trump and the top people in the White House and the previous administration. One shrugged his shoulders when I asked if they knew if the Justice Department was investigating Trump personally"

"You studied that speech that was made by the attorney general this week," host Velshi prompted. "It was something that a lot of people wanted him to say; they wanted him to talk about the January 6th prosecution. It left a lot of people wanting and he implied he will go as far as he needs to go and as high as he needs to get it done, but added in the time that it takes. That's what is frustrating."

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"When justice works the way it is supposed to work, it is slow compared to the way it worked during the Trump administration where the president would target someone and his attorney general would do his bidding," the MSNBC host added.

"Yeah. I think the attorney general's speech was interesting," Lowell replied. "It mentioned Watergate [and] department officials say that was deliberate and a message of sorts to signal that the Justice Department or Merrick Garland wasn't afraid of going after the former president when they now have a criminal investigation."

"You know, the Justice Department doesn't talk about ongoing investigations," he elaborated. "Neither we nor the committee know where the Justice Department is going with this. I do think that was significant he mentioned that and it was significant that the Justice Department is prepared to pursue prosecutions against anyone at any level."

"That, I'm told, is deliberate and may be signaling where the Justice Department is going next," he added.

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