Pence's political future stuck in 'no man's land' due to ties to Trump
Donald Trump, Mike Pence (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

According to a report from USA Today, former Vice President Mike Pence's political future looks decidedly bleak due to his four years serving under Donald Trump which has managed to anger both supporters of the former president and his conservative detractors.

As David Jackson reports, that has put the Indiana lawmaker in what an election analyst calls a "No man's land" from which he may never leave.

At issue for Pence is the fact that Trump's most rabid supporters are still furious with him for not helping the former president over the 2020 presidential election results and consider him to be a "traitor." On the other hand, mainstream conservatives can't stomach the fact that he stood by Trump for all four years and still refuses to bluntly criticize his former boss after Jan 6.

"As he contemplates his future, Pence is doing the kinds of things that prospective presidential candidates do: flying around the country giving speeches, endorsing candidates in the mid-term elections and writing a memoir that is scheduled to be published Nov. 15," the report states, adding, "He has also walked a fine line with respect to Trump."

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"Pence has said Trump was 'wrong' to claim that the vice president had the legal authority to throw electoral votes," notes Jackson. "Pence has also criticized the storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters – some of them threatening Pence's life – and called it a 'dark day' in the nation's history."

Jackson also asked Jack Pitney, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College in California, about Pence's future.

"Pence's chances aren't good," he replied. "At one key moment, he put country over party. For most Republican voters, that's a liability."

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