'Don't let it happen!' Trump begs Newsmax host not to cut his election conspiracy rant
Newsmax/screen grab

Former President Donald Trump confronted Newsmax host Rob Finnerty and accused the network of burying news about an election conspiracy theory movie.

While speaking to Finnerty in an interview that aired on Thursday, Trump argued that members of the Jan. 6 Committee "don't talk about any of the things that refute Jan. 6."

"The people were there because the election was rigged and stolen," he insisted. "They don't even want to hear that. And Fox doesn't put it on and, by the way, you people don't put it on either. You're afraid of being sued or something. I don't know. Some day you'll have to explain that."

"This is 2000 Mules?" Finnerty asked, referring to the election conspiracy theory film.

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Trump worried that Newsmax would "cut what I'm saying right now."

"Of course not," Finnerty replied.

"Don't let it!" Trump exclaimed. "Don't let it happen! Get it done fast. Get it done fast before [Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy] sees it!"

Watch the video below from Newsmax.