‘Flat-out obstruction of justice’: Morning Joe highlights obvious Trump crime already exposed by Mar-a-Lago search

A newly unsealed court filing sheds more light on the investigation of top-secret materials stashed at Mar-a-Lago, but MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said it's already clear that Donald Trump is guilty of at least one crime.

The now-lifted redactions in the search warrant shows that investigators were told the only place those documents might be was a storage room, but they learned about surveillance video that might show otherwise -- and the Trump Organization turned over that evidence a month before a search found classified materials in the former president's office.

"There's still very much that we don't know," said the "Morning Joe" host. "But based on the fact pattern out there in the press and all sides have admitted to, one charge, potential charge does seem more obvious than others even right now, and that is flat-out obstruction of justice. Lying, claiming that you have given back all the top-secret documents and all the documents that Trump had stolen from the White House, the government building, and taken down to Mar-a-Lago they lied about it and lied to the FBI about it."

"Again, let's just keep it to the standard of, you know, no man is above the law," Scarborough added. "Anybody else would have been in jail for doing that. It's that simple."

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NBC News correspondent Tom Winter explained what the newly lifted redactions revealed about the investigation.

"The other thing they put in, noteworthy, they were provided a certification letter, as they call it, from an unnamed individual, too, said based on the information provided to me, what this individual is saying in this letter, authorized to certify, one, we've searched everything and this is all that we have and that we searched it after a subpoena, we've made no additional documentation and there was also at one point a certification or a statement that was made that, look, the only place that these documents could be is in the storage room," Winter said. "As we know from the image we're looking at on screen, according to the FBI, that was very much not the case that these top-secret documents we're looking at were found in Trump's office."

"When you start to see those statements put in to this search warrant it's clear that to me they're starting to look at this as a potential who is obstructing us, who are making what assertions to us and there's a reason we need to go in and we don't think we're getting the full story here," he added.

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