Stunned conservatives left fuming after Trump's special counsel fails to convict Michael Sussmann
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The acquittal today of attorney Michael Sussmann isn’t sitting so well with the nation’s conservative media.

After months of presuming Sussmann’s guilt of charges that he lied to the FBI, Fox News and right-wing print media were caught scrambling to explain the failure of Former President Donald Trump's special counsel John Durham to prove his case.

So, there was only one thing to do: Blame the “DC jury.”

In its breaking news coverage today, led with a video from Friday’s Hannity show – four days before the verdict – in which Gregg Jarret labeled defense arguments as “the most cockamamie explanation for a lie that I’ve ever heard.” He cited attorney Jonathan Turley’s statement that “this is the worst jury for a prosecutor he has ever seen in his life.”

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Jarrett railed without evidence that “Lady Justice peeks beneath the blindfold and weights the scales of justice. If you’re a Republican, it’s weighted against you. If you’re a Democrat, it’s in your great favor.”

At the National Review, where countless articles in recent weeks argued for Sussman’s guilt – and excoriated the media for not covering the trial with enough enthusiasm – the headline went as far as the publication would go: “Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann Found Not Guilty in Politically Charged Trial.” refused to swallow its pride with this headline: “Michael Sussmann Acquitted; Trial Revealed Clinton Role in Russia ‘Collusion’ Hoax.”

At the Washington Examiner, under a headline “What Durham proved,” chief national correspondent Byron York offered this assessment of the acquittal: “There is no doubt Sussmann lied to the FBI. There is no doubt he is guilty. But the trial is taking place in Washington, perhaps the deepest-blue jury pool in the United States.”

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The Washington Times showed a bit more contrition, referring to the acquittal as “a stunning blow to special counsel John Durham‘s credibility as he pursues possible misconduct by U.S. intelligence agencies probing conspiracy theories about Trump-Russia collusion.”

It might have been a little less stunning if the newspaper hadn’t been so sure of Sussmann’s guilt before the trial even happened.