MAGA-rioting Oath Keeper may have obstructed justice while talking on the jail's recorded phone line: feds
Judge orders Oath Keeper detained — says he 'threatened the very fabric of democracy'

One of the eleven members of the Oath Keepers charged with seditious conspiracy may have deepened his legal problems with incriminating statements made over a recorded prison phone line.

In January, Magistrate Judge John Z. Boyle ordered Edward Vallejo held in jail pending trial.

"The conspiracy alleged by the government threatens the very fabric of democracy," he explained.

But Vallejo appealed.

On Thursday, the Justice Department filed a supplemental brief in opposition to Vallejo's motion for reconsideration.

Under the headline "evidence of obstruction," the government noted the evening before that January detention hearing, Vallejo called his wife on a recorded phone line.

"I know part of the conditions of my parole will be no alcohol, no drugs, no this no that, blah blah blah. Go through all my stuff. Inspect everything and anything that is contraband, give it to [THIRD PARTY]," Vallejo said.

The Justice Department said, "this evidence of attempted concealment of evidence shows an additional threat posed by Vallejo's release."

"In addition to being a danger to the community, Vallejo appears to be obstructing justice even while held and communicating on a recorded line [emphasis in the original]. If released, there are certainly no conditions that can assure that he would not attempt further obstruction," U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves wrote.

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