'Evidence of deep rot': Elise Stefanik buried by Steve Schmidt for her latest 'idiocy'
CNN screenshot/MSNBC screenshot

Former Republican campaign consultant Steve Schmidt heaped a pile of derision on Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) on Tuesday morning, accusing her of pandering to the worst elements of the Republican Party and diminishing herself with her latest "idiocy."

At issue for Schmidt was a tweet from the third-ranking Republican in the House where she attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci over comments he made about where the country will be at Christmas time due to the resurgence of COVID-19 -- with Stefanik writing in part: "How Joe Biden & the Democrats Stole Christmas."

According to the New York Republican, "How Joe Biden & the Democrats Stole Christmas. Fire Fauci. Fire Pelosi. Fire JOE BIDEN. Save Christmas Save America," in reference to White House press secretary Jen Psaki explaining Fauci's remarks when speaking to reporters.

That, in turn, set off Schmidt who has long been a critic of Stefanik for throwing in her lot with Donald Trump in an effort to leapfrog over colleagues into a leadership position.

Linking to Stefanik tweets, Schmidt got right to the point, tweeting back at her, "Look at the idiocy below. It is evidence of a deep rot, intellectually and morally. The @Harvard educated @EliseStefanik has embraced this stupidity as a Member of the House GOP Leadership in charge of 'messaging'."

He later added, "We have become hostages to the mendacity and stupidity of our most venal politicians. It seems there is no lie, no stupidity, no malice that is too great for the @EliseStefanik' s and hundreds of her colleagues to strive towards every day," before elaborating, "The stupidity of @EliseStefanik 's proclamation is what draws the eye roll, but beneath that stupidity is a deep malice towards any concept of the public good, responsibility, obligation, patriotism or duty. That is why the country is in trouble. That is why America is in crisis."

You can see his tweets below: