'Craven opportunist' Elise Stefanik buried for doubling down on Trump after midterm debacle
Elise Stefanik (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show," Bloomberg senior editor Tim O'Brien and former GOP campaign strategist Matthew Dowd piled on Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) for sticking with Donald Trump despite his part in the stunning failure of Republicans to make much in the way of gains in Tuesday's midterm election.

With the GOP's "Red Wave" turning out to be a big nothing -- with little gains in the House and a lost seat in the Senate -- Stefanik pledged her allegiance to the former president who is being pilloried by fellow Republicans and conservatives for the midterm debacle.

Speaking with host Jonathan Capehart, Dowd ridiculed Stefanik for not reading the room and realizing how toxic Trump has become.

"I think it is a sign of weakness as it always has been with Trump and his folks," the former GOP adviser suggested. "Every time they know they're in a bad place they create this false bravado where they do this. I gotta say something about Stefanik. What she did is like the person who buys a ticket while the Titanic is sinking. She's the only in person in history to buy a ticket on the Titanic while it's sinking."

"What do you think she's up to here? " host Capehart asked O'Brien.

"Being as completely craven as she can be because she'll get into that with Donald Trump and now she can get out," he replied. "I think the same is true of [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy."

"Stefanik didn't have a history of being a Trumpette and out into the woods like she became," he continued. "I think in more recent years it's because she's an opportunist. She was revealed as someone who was willing to torch all of her own values and conservative principles in order to become part of the MAGA right because she believes that that was the wave of the future."

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