Elon Musk could deal 'two-faced Trumpists and the worst MAGA scammers' a major loss with Twitter purchase: conservative
Twitter's board has unanimously adopted a so-called shareholder rights plan, also known as a 'poison pill,' in the face of billionaire Elon Musk's offer to buy the company Olivier DOULIERY AFP

Donald Trump fans are cheering the prospect of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, but one conservative warned they may come to rue the day.

The social media company's board has accepted Musk's offer, much to the concern of liberals who use the platform who fear Trump will return and anti-harassment policies will be relaxed, but The Bulwark's Tim Miller identified two groups who ought to be worried about what the change in ownership could bring.

"Mitch McConnell and the establishment Republican ostriches ... are doing everything in their power to put their heads in the sand and pretend Donald Trump doesn’t exist (unless they need to cash in on his name and likeness)," Miller wrote. "The Nazi grifters who started the various Deploratwitter knockoffs like TRUTH, Parler, and Gettr and are now set to be totally owned by Twitter offering these very fine people the same freedom to sh*tpost in front of bigger audiences."

Trump cost the Republicans control of the Senate by injecting "election fraud mass formation psychosis" into the Georgia runoffs, Miller wrote, and he said the former president could continue shooting his own party in the foot by returning to Twitter.

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"Now I’m skeptical that Trump trash-tweeting the Republican haters and losers who don’t prostrate themselves before the MyPillow altar will be enough to cost Republicans Congress on its own," Miller wrote. "They’re surfing a wave, baby. But it certainly isn’t going to help. For instance, it’s not hard to imagine the Herschel Walkers of the world overcompensating to appease the Orange One in ways that harm their campaign, costing the party a few seats."

Miller said it's even easier to imagine how Musk turning Twitter into a safe space for Trump allies who've tried to build competing social media networks.

"The entire rationale for the social media sites launched by chinless deadbeat Jason Miller, heifer Devin Nunes, and the demonic Mercer family was that they were providing a safe space for the dregs of humanity who want to be allowed to anonymously post bile with total impunity," Miller wrote. "But if Elon is going to allow Sonic erotica and other MAGA obsessions back onto Twitter, why would people still send 'regeets' into the ether on Gettr?"

There are already signs that Trump's ballyhooed TRUTH Social network is in trouble, but it would lose its reason to exist if the former president came back to Twitter -- and cost him and his investors dearly.

"So if the two-faced Trumpists and the worst MAGA scammers are going to suffer, might we consider squeaking out one cheer for Musk," Miller wrote. "Or a half a cheer? Or even just a mild affirmative grunt?"