Ex-Playboy model who allegedly had an affair with Trump says she dumped him for Bruce Willis
Karen McDougal (Instagram)

Ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal says she had an affair with Donald Trump prior to his successful 2016 campaign. Her testimony, along with porn star Stormy Daniels, are crucial to the Manhattan District Attorney's office investigation into Trump's alleged hush money payments to both the women.

According to The Daily Mail, McDougal says the difference between her and Daniels is that her affair with Trump lasted much longer and was "loving."

"His people have denied it, but he's never denied it," she told The Mail. "A reporter asked him: 'Did you have an affair with Karen McDougal?' and all he said was: 'I've done nothing wrong.' He knows I'm telling the truth."

As The Mail points out, Trump has leveled all sorts of insults at many of his accusers who alleged either affairs or sexual assault, but he has never said anything derogatory about McDougal.

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"I was in love with him. He was in love with me. I know that because he told me all the time. He'd say 'You're my baby and I love you'. He showed me off to his friends," she said.

"I'm portrayed as the disgruntled woman, but I am not that woman. I ended it," she said.

McDougal claims she ended her relationship with Trump after she met actor Bruce Willis, whom she later started dating.

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