Trump defender fact-checked by CNN host after accusing DOJ of singling out Trump with Mar-a-Lago search
(Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

During an appearance on CNN on Tuesday morning, Republican Party consultant Alice Stewart tried to cast doubt on the Department of Justice's decision to send the FBI, with a warrant in hand, to search Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort only to get pushback from CNN host John Avlon.

According to Stewart, she claimed she was hearing from Republicans who are not fans of the former president but who are outraged at the way the attempt to find stolen classified documents was handled.

"The problem that many people have, and even myself, looking at this objectively when you are looking at all of the facts in this case, Merrick Garland himself says that no one is above the law," she explained. Well, at the same time, no one should be subjected to selective application of the law, and I am not a person that has ever played whataboutism, but when you look at the facts of this case, you look at the potential misuse of the Classified Information and Record Protection Act against those who part of the executive branch---."

"Alice, why is it selective?" host Poppy Harlow interrupted.

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"If I could just say, the facts in this case compared to Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server, the DOJ going after Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton. It does raise serious questions, That is why it is important to find it more."

"Alice, again, due respect here but, first of all, I agree there needs to be a lot more information that comes out," host Avlon replied. "But, this is a case where apparently the former president had classified documents of the national security nature. And, as a matter of fact, with regard to the Presidential Records Act there have been a dozens of folks who have been charged and convicted. Some of them jail time, some simply paid a fine between 1963 and 2018 --so that is not selective. That falls under equal justice, treating folks the same even if they are an ex-president."

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