Security footage shows red-hatted man firebombing donut shop that hosted drag event
Security footage.

Security footage shows a Tulsa, Oklahoma man wearing a red hat firebombing a donut shop that participated in an art installation for a local drag queen event.

In the video, the man, also dressed in a dark hoodie and a mask, can be seen hurling a Molotov cocktail through the glass door of The Donut Hole bakery, shattering the pane, and then smashing the remainder of the glass out with a baseball bat. The man left a letter at the door full of anti-LGBTQ hate speech.

According to police, the Molotov cocktail did not explode as intended and only caused "minor damage."

Another vandalism incident was reported in mid-October, in which the same door was smashed out along with the window next to it.

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"The donut shop says repairs have already been made thanks to a quick response to a go-fund-me," reported News On 6 at the time. "The owners say they donated the extra proceeds to the Tulsa Equality Center to help spread the message of acceptance, tolerance, and love."

This comes amid a series of cultural panics around the country about LGBTQ presence in schools and around children, with many Republican officials baselessly resurrecting decades old-tropes about children being recruited or "groomed."

Watch video below or at this link.