Fox News under investigation after former host blows the whistle on alleged gender pay discrimination
Fox News host Melissa Francis. (Screenshot)

Fox News is now under investigation by the New York State Department of Labor after former host Melissa Francis blew the whistle on the network for allegedly systematically underpaying female employees.

The Daily Beast reports that Fox pulled Francis off the air at a time when she was engaged in a gender-based pay discrimination dispute.

In fact, Francis's dispute with Fox was in arbitration at the time of her removal from the airwaves, which has led her to add a claim of illegal retaliation to her complaint about systematic gender discrimination.

“Ms. Francis filed a charge with the New York State Department of Labor because Fox News has not changed and continues to discriminate and retaliate against women, including those who seek equal pay for equal work,” Francis’ attorney, Kevin Mintzer, explained to The Daily Beast.

Neither Fox News nor the New York Department of Labor would confirm or deny the investigation to The Daily Beast.

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Fox has a well established reputation as a hostile work environment for women.

Late Fox News founder Roger Ailes resigned in 2016 after he was buried in an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations filed against him by multiple Fox News employees, including Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly.

The network also had to pay out a massive $32 million to settle harassment claims leveled against former host Bill O'Reilly.