'You don't have a name': Fox & Friends host calls GOP lawmaker's bluff on McCarthy alternative
Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins (screen grab)

One of Kevin McCarthy's leading opponents suggested House Republicans have another candidate in mind for speaker.

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), who's gone on record in opposing McCarthy's bid for speaker of the House, told "Fox & Friends" that the "Never Kevin" faction has a backup candidate who will be revealed during Tuesday's vote.

"I won't be voting for Kevin McCarthy -- he is part of the problem, not the solution," Good said. "I will be following the constituents in the Fifth District who told me not to support Kevin McCarthy. What I told them when I started my term, I would judge him by what he did as minority leader, and there's nothing he has done to earn my vote. There is nothing that indicates to me that he is going to change his pattern since he has been in leadership, where he is part of the swamp cartel. He is the reason, on the Republican side, why we pass massive omnibus spending bills that just got rammed down our throats by Republicans in the Senate. He was part of that in leadership."

Good predicted 10 to 15 GOP lawmakers would vote against McCarthy on the first ballot in favor of Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), but he suggested another candidate would emerge on the second ballot.

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"I think you will see on the second ballot an increasing number of members vote for a true candidate who can represent the conservative conference, motivate the base, inspire Republicans across the country, get 218 votes to bring congress together to fight against the radical Democrat agenda," Good said.

Fox News host Griff Jenkins pressed him to identify that candidate, but Good declined.

"I'm going to resist for a few more hours what I have resisted the last several weeks," Good said. "As you know, if we were to put forth a name right now over the last few weeks that person would have suffered all of the attacks and retaliation."

"You don't have a name," Jenkins said.

"Absolutely," Good insisted. "Griff, you will see that name tomorrow on the second ballot."

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