'I could not escape': Fox News pundit throws a fit over 'smell of weed' in Central Park
Fox Business/screen grab

Fox News contributor Joe Concha on Thursday connected violent crime in New York City to the "smell of weed" in Central Park.

During a segment on Fox Business, guest host Dagan McDowell suggested there was "soaring crime" because liberal district attorneys were letting suspects go free with little or no bail requirements.

Concha agreed.

"We're allowing these people out on the streets and we wonder why there's an exodus going out of New York and out of San Francisco and Los Angeles," he opined. "It is primarily due to crime. It's due to the drug use that we see in the open air."

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"I took a walk up to Central Park Yesterday, had some time to kill, I could not escape the smell of weed everywhere!" the pundit exclaimed. "And it's just -- New York is not what it used to be. I know that personally."

Concha became angry as he shouted at New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

"Start to do something about it, sir!" he ranted. "Because you're going to lose all that tax revenue as people move more and more to places like Florida, to Kentucky, to Idaho!"

McDowell pushed back on Concha's assertion.

"It's not the smell of marijuana that is the problem, it is the fact there was a gunfight in my neighborhood before I was coming to work last week," she said.

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