Fox News' popularity collapses as Trump fans flock to alternative conservative outlets: report
Composite image of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson

Fox News, long the king of the right-wing media sphere, has never been in graver peril as the Trump era is winding down.

On Saturday, The Guardian reported that since the election, Republican favorability of the network has dropped by double digits — as upstart networks like Newsmax and OAN poach their viewership.

"Among the 25-54-year-old demographic, Newsmax's flagship show, hosted by Greg Kelly, reeled in 229,000 viewers, compared to Fox News' Martha MacCallum's 203,000," reported Adam Gabbatt. "The channel has experienced a real surge since the election, after Fox News came under fire, and Newsmax's nightly shows have drawn 700-800,000 viewers, according to Nielsen. Republicans' perception of Fox News has shifted too: since the election, Fox News' favorability among GOP supporters has dropped from 67% to 54%."

One of the biggest frustrations among the GOP was Fox's call of the state of Arizona for Biden on election night, before most other networks had done so — which led Trump supporters in Arizona to rally with chants of "Fox News sucks!"

Additionally, noted the report, "The rise has been fueled by Donald Trump's frequent turns on Fox News. It's hard to tell how serious Trump's turn on the network is. He has criticized Fox, but repeatedly plugs segments – segments favoring him – on Twitter, mostly clips from Sean Hannity's show, or Tucker Carlson."

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