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Actor Sean Penn appeared Tuesday evening on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News to talk about the situation in Ukraine, leading the co-hosts of "The View" to ask why he would appear on a network known for spreading pro-Russian propaganda about the war.

As the hosts noted, Hannity has even elevated Russian President Vladimir Putin's talking points, leading to national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin schooling the Fox News host.

Among the things that Penn said to Hannity was that he didn't trust him. "Yeah, there's a lot of reasons I don't trust you. We all talk about how divisive things, owe divided things are here, but when you step into a country of such incredible unity, you realize what we've all been missing."

Republican guest host Stephanie Grisham said that the main point of going on Fox likely has to do with the audience not being exposed to the kinds of things people like Penn are saying about the war. Behar, however, took issue with elevating a network known for spreading propaganda.

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"The guy lies every day. He continues to propagate this big lie that Trump won the election," she said. "He's a liar. Why would you trust him? Good for Sean. You notice he didn't go to Tucker Carlson because he's an even bigger liar."

The panel agreed this was one reason they focus on people like Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, who is willing to go on Fox News and fact-check them to their faces. Not everyone, however, has the knack for that.

"I love everyone's kumbaya feelings about this. I feel a little differently," Sunny Hostin stepped in. "I mean, you know, these folks that are watching Fox News and that have been watching Fox News have been indoctrinated for years and years and years and I'm not sure that Sean Penn appearing on there, and talking about the atrocities that he saw in Ukraine in his documentary is going to move the needle because, you know, these are folks that saw with their own eyes what happened at the Capitol with the insurrection and saw the death and the carnage and they didn't believe that happened."

She went on to cite the YouGov poll that showed Republicans view Putin more favorably than leading Democrats. One-third thinks Putin is doing a better job than President Joe Biden. She then showed a clip of a Michigan Trump supporter explaining that she would much rather have Putin as the president of the United States than Biden.

It led to a hefty debate, with Grisham trying to explain "not all Republicans believe" the same things, but it conflicts with the majority of the Party's leaders. Sara Haines agreed, saying that not everyone can be thrown into a big bucket of the fringe.

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"It's not fringe though, Sara. Tucker Carlson said the U.S. helped encourage the Russian invasion," Hostin said. "He's the highest rated cable news host in the country, not just on Fox News."

"And in Russia!" Behar chimed in.

"And in Russia, because they play his clips all the time," Hostin agreed. "Tucker Carlson said that the U.S. engineered a coup in Ukraine in the name of democracy. He says that the Democrats stand to benefit financially from the war in Ukraine and he is watched every single night by millions of people!"

Frequent peacemaker Whoopi Goldberg paused the conversation saying, "I'm sick of being pissed off all the time. And if it's going to take you seeing somebody you hate saying, 'This is what's happening here' and having somebody you love say, 'Is it what's going on, I'm okay with that. I will take anything that will get this shIt to change. I'm for it. I'm for it. I'm just -- I can't take any more BS. I don't know when the country became partially indoctrinated to this Russian idea that it's okay, what's happening there. I don't know how Fox News doesn't get how insulting this is to families with soldiers, fallen soldiers in the past from World War II. I don't know how they justify all of this."

Behar noted that CPAC is inviting one of the biggest dictators of the world to speak: Viktor Orban. She then went on to quote the recent study showing that when Fox viewers were given $15 an hour to watch CNN instead of Fox News they ultimately became more critical and questioning of claims. They also agreed that Fox News was slanting it's coverage to benefit Trump and that they were ignoring key pieces of information about COVID.

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