'Fuming' Trump is badgering friends about how the Jan. 6 hearings are 'playing out' for him: CNN
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

On CNN's "New Day," correspondent Kristin Holmes reported that Donald Trump has been "riveted" by the televised hearings being conducted by the House select committee looking into the Jan 6th insurrection and that he has been badgering friends and aides about how he is coming across in them.

Speaking with host John Berman, Holmes also stated that Trump's inner circle is worried he is obsessing over the hearings when they would prefer that he be concentrating on the upcoming midterm elections.

"Trump is always watching, we are told, riveted, according to new CNN reporting," host Berman began. "Trump was particularly angry after hearing his former staffers and White House counsel."

Asking Holmes, "What have you learned?" she replied, "We've heard he's always following these hearings and that's much to the chagrin of those around him who would hope that he would focus on the November midterms."

"But behind closed doors he's always talking about these hearings, asking those around him how they think they're playing out," she continued. "In his speeches and rallies he prattles on about the committee, attacking them; his social media page is a never-ending rant, essentially just attacking leaders of the committee and even talking about more obscure members of the committee and interviews they do on cable news."

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"So clearly here focusing very heavily on this. One of his biggest gripes, being still that none of these witnesses are being cross-examined and he feels he doesn't have anyone defending him, particularly after yesterday's hearing," she added. "He's not the only one focused on this. We also heard from a source close to Roger Stone who told us that Stone is watching these hearings very carefully because he believes, quote, 'the committee is trying to put him in peril.'"

"And, remember," she elaborated, "Stone and Trump at one point were thick as thieves. He was one of his closest allies, they spoke almost every single day. But we are told by this source that it's just not the same since January 6th, that the two are still in touch but it's just not regular communication."

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