George Conway roasts Trump's classified docs scandal by comparing him to infamous 'Shoe Bomber'

Attorney George Conway compared former President Donald Trump's theft and concealment of classified information to Richard Reid, the British terrorist who tried to down a transatlantic flight in 2001 with bombs in his shoes.

In other words, Conway argued, both Trump and Reid were involved in sensational cases of wrongdoing that resulted in heightened scrutiny on everyone else.

This comes as President Joe Biden continues to say he and his administration are cooperating with the Justice Department on its investigation of classified documents they found and returned from the president's home and former office, and as former Vice President Mike Pence also is found to have had classified information at his residence in Indiana.

"Does this tell you anything about how cooperative the Biden team has been with the U.S. Justice Department?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

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"It seems they have been cooperating and trying to cooperate," said Conway, a longtime critic of Trump who is married to his former strategist, Kellyanne Conway. "They just have been doing it more clumsily than they should have been. Again, there's a huge difference ... between this case and the Pence case on one hand, the Trump case on the other. We wouldn't be talking about any of these cases if Donald Trump had not obstructed justice and basically jerked around the National Archives and Records Administration and the Department of Justice for a year and a half."

If it weren't for that, argued Conway, "this wouldn't have been on people's radar screen."

"It is significant that people shouldn't have these documents at home," said Conway. "But the fact is, because Trump pushed it so far by stonewalling Justice, and refusing to produce all the documents when requested, and then lying about it through his lawyers, we now have a situation where everybody who has classified documents is going to get a lot more scrutiny than they would have had if they turned them right over. It's like the shoe bomber. One guy who tried to light his shoe, and now all of us have to take our shoes off at the airport."

Watch the video below or at this link.

George Conway compares Trump's handling of classified documents to the Shoe Bomber