Beverly Hills salon owner's life in shambles as she faces seven Capitol riot charges: report
Gina Bisignano is seen on video participating in the riot at the U.S. Capitol. (Screenshot via

According to a deep dive into the lives of three Capitol rioters, looking at how they came to be at the Jan 6th insurrection and where they are today, Intelligencer's Kerry Howley writes that a Beverly Hills salon owner who became one of the more recognizable faces of the riot is destitute as she faces seven counts to which she has pleaded not guilty.

Prior to her arrest, Gina Bisignano was living the good life as the owner of Gina’s Eyelashes and Skincare in the wealthy community and now she is awaiting trial on counts ranging from Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds to Engaging in Physical Violence in a Restricted Building or Grounds after her business shut down and what money she had has been used up fighting for her freedom.

As the report notes, "Two days after the riot, Gina appeared on Infowars to share video she had taken," which, in turn, helped lead to her arrest before being granted bail.

However that didn't last long, with Howley reporting that prosecutors appealed and told the court, "Her sincere belief in conspiracy theories and the absence of rational, evidence-based decision-making show that she is extraordinarily unlikely to accept the legitimacy of this court’s orders," which led a judge to order her bail revoked that left her languishing in a Los Angeles jail before later being transported to Grady County Detention Center in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

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According to Howley, "By late February, in Grady County, she had been imprisoned in one facility or another for over a month, during which she saw the sun exactly once: on the long day when she was transferred from L.A. to Oklahoma," adding that a judge finally agreed to her supervised release as she awaited trial.

Upon her release, the report states, "Gina had no ID, no credit card, no way to get home, and it was not clear what she would do on the scrubby, sidewalkless Oklahoma streets onto which she was being dumped."

Bisignano was then taken in immediately by a woman only identified as Rachel "whose church friend had seen a post on Facebook about a woman who needed help."

"Rachel took Gina to Sonic and placed a large Diet Coke in her hands before taking her to the 122-acre farm where she lived with her mother and father," Howley reported, "Soon Rachel would drive Gina to another home, the home of the friend she knew from Martha Road Baptist Church. In this home, the kitchen would smell of cookies a man had made for his friends at work, a round woman would root around for clothes that would not fit Gina’s slim form, and the couple’s autistic son, David, would give up his bed for her."

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She added, "Gina had not slept on a mattress in many weeks. In too-big sweatpants tied at the waist, Gina stood in a boy’s room in rural Oklahoma, beside his bed, under a WWE poster. She crawled in, pulled the covers over her head, and wept."

As for Bisingnano's court date, the website of the U.S. Attorney for Washington D.C, still states, "Defendant remains on home detention. Status conference set for 9/2/21 at 2 pm.," with Reuters reporting on September 16th that a judge has refused her request to end her house arrest order and to allow her to have her ankle bracelet monitor removed.

According to an order signed by Judge Carl J. Nichols, located on Pacer, Bisignano was scheduled to report for a hearing on Dec. 21 , with the judge admonishing her and her attorney for skipping a previously scheduled one on Dec. 14 by writing, "This is not the first time timely attendance has been a problem in this case," and that "additional failures to appear timely will be looked upon even more unfavorably."

You can read the more detailed Intelligencer report here.

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