Greg Abbott’s Uvalde position destroyed by CNN reporter: ‘This makes no sense’
Gage Skidmore.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was blasted on Monday by a CNN reporter for refusing to publicly release the entire 77-minute hallway video from the mass shooting massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, Jr. has called for the release of all the video, but Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell-Busbee has refused to release the video, citing an ongoing criminal investigation even though the suspected gunman was killed.

CBS-11 reporter Jack Fink spoke to Abbott in Dallas.

“Let me clear and let me be adamant. The full truth of what happened in Uvalde must be disclosed to the public, especially the people of Uvalde & must be done quickly," Abbott said. “The one other thing that must be done is the release of the more than 70 minute video of exactly what happened inside the school that day with only one thing eliminated: that is any images of those who were victims… I’m on the side of full disclosure.”

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CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz, who has extensively reported from Uvalde, said the comments did not make sense.

"No one can understand why the Uvalde DA is claiming to have power over the DPS in preventing them from releasing the video," Prokupecz reported.

He said Abbott "has the full power to order the DPS to release whatever they want. They have certainly already released information. This makes no sense."

"Furthermore, the release of information shouldn’t stop with the hallway video. Police radio transmissions from that day should also be released as has been requested," he continued in a thread posted to Twitter.

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"The DPS reports to the Governor. They have released timeline information. They have released transcripts of body worn cameras. Head of DPS spent hours testifying in public before state senators about the investigation. Seems there was no issue in doing that," he explained. "For the entire first week after this horrific attack DPS didn’t hesitate in giving information. Yes, it was wrong information. By the end of the week when all the information was incorrect and SOME of the truth came out the DA ordered everyone to stop talking."

"Today is day 48 and we are still in Texas trying to sort of facts and figure out exactly what happened and why," he added, noting that Uvalde's mayor has said he fears there's a political cover-up underway.